Written February 2016.


I watched my husband, Brian Murphy, recently being interviewed by Steve Rennie on his web show, Renman Live.  Brian gave Steve his start in the business and it was so cool to hear them talk about the business and share stories.  

Brian is a concert promoter- it’s in his blood.  He can walk into an empty room , turn on his spacial reasoning button and fully visualize the finished sets down to to a tee. 

He has risked his own money and even mortgaged his own house for a show!  In the back of my mind, I always knew this was part of his story, but I did not realize what a huge deal it was until now, after watching this interview. I have a very different perspective being in Corporate America and spending someone else’s money.  

Brian made a comment about he always had the most expensive seat in the building, and it made me remember back to when we first started dating. Jewel was playing Irvine Amphitheater (now Verizon), which was Brian’s venue, and he called me to see if I was all set for the show: tickets, backstage, parking? I said yes, too fast, and corrected myself and said I did not have parking. He said he would take care of it and that was that. The perks of having a boyfriend as a concert promoter!

I showed up that Sunday evening and gave my name at the podium for parking. The girl pointed to go down a dirt road in front of me. I looked to my right and saw parking lots and wondered why she was pointing a different way. I motioned to her like, “really, this way?” ... but she urged me on.

I drove straight for about a quarter mile. Then, with help from the parking patrol, I took a left and proceeded to follow it around until I was shown a space behind the stage. Yup, behind the stage. Brian came out to meet me, grinning from ear to ear. ‘Bet you don’t ever get this close, do you?” 

“This is a first” I replied. He’s a keeper!

Great interview with great insights. I think everyone should watch it- but clearly, it held extra sentimental value for me.

Highly recommend.