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The Voice does not exist without the Body. Period.

Your Voice is what presents you to the rest of the world. It is the physical embodiment that represents the rest of you (your mind and soul) to the outside of world. To your fans, partner, mother, friend or co-writer.  The words and emotions you give to your thoughts can only be heard through the sound we make with our bodies 

Your Body is your avatar and the way you treat it is a direct correlation between your career and your life.

When you say you are hungry, it’s not your mind that made the decision. First, your body triggers the feeling or emotion.  Then your breath moves it thru your body and it vibrates against the vocal chords in your throat. Your brain then identifies it and your ‘voice’ speaking on behalf of your body,  boldly states  “I’m hungry”. Your body is telling you what it is feeling so you can help it out. Do you listen?

If your body is not in good health then your voice will be weak. When your body is thriving , your voice will sing.

A process, the time, space ,tools and attention for both your Body and Voice, is necessary .

How do you take care of your voice? Do you take lessons? Do you have a daily exercise to keep it healthy? 

And how about your body? do you have a good relationship with the maintenance, care and feeding of?

These are the questions that must be asked and challenged.