On Sunday March 11, 2011 I tried out for the X Factor US with no delusion that I might win but to put myself through the process of a TV talent show so that I could be in a position to better guide those clients who choose that route. I consider it my ‘method acting”

So I got myself up at the crack of dawn on a very rainy and cold Sunday to spend 18 hours at the Sports Arena with 12,000 others. I arrived at 6:30am, with my best friend whose idea it was in the first place, only to find out that we would be filming the opening crowd shots outside in the rain. This went on for over 4 hours...OMG . By the time we got inside, we were  both tired and soaked. But then so was everyone else.

The day went faster than I thought it would just because there was so much to look at. There were people who were dressed up and dressed down. There were people  rehearsing every minute, non stop. People chattering, people crying, people devastated, people shocked. . Emotions were at an all time high and they were everywhere.

By the time I got to audition it was after 8:30 at night ....14 hours after I arrived.

The icing on the cake came when I walked up to one of the 24  judges booths only to come face to face with David Gray, (David was  VP of A&R for SYCO, Simon Cowells’ label, not to mention a long time colleague of mine).  I laughed and he demanded “What are you doing here??”  to which I replied “ I ‘m trying out new things..”

Thank god, according to the rules, he could not audition me and I was sent  to the next judge . She listened politely as I belted out Dylan’s song “Make You Feel My Love”, proceeded to tell me that I was not what they were looking for and I thanked her for listening.

Over. The day was finally over. We walked out at 9pm exhausted and then just when it could not get any better, a tall young girl chatting to a willing listener on the other end  , bitched furiously  about how she was passed on. Ranting and Raving all the way to the parking lot.

My friend and I burst out laughing. Perfect ending.