The Basics Of Songwriting

February 9th-10th, 2019 | Ages 12-18 |Los Angeles, CA | $700

Join Judy Stakee, legendary music publisher and artist development specialist for a two day songwriting workshop for young adults with a passion for creating.

Judy has reimagined her world renowned songwriting retreats for young adults in a two day workshop. She will teach her methodology written in her book The Songwriter’s Survival Guide: that understanding your body, mind, and soul will develop your voice, lyric, and melody.

She will challenge their existing talents, allowing them to push past their creative boundaries, taking them to a new level as writers and creators. They will learn a new medium to explore themselves, their words, and their art by trying new things and digging into deep questions curated by Judy.


By learning song structure and core storytelling principals their ability to tell a clear, concise, captivating, and creative story will be elevated. Although the workshop focuses on songwriting, it leaves the writer with an overall better understanding of themselves and their perspective on life, helping them in real life situations such as future job interviews and college applications.

To keep it intimate, only 12 young adults will be accepted to this day program. Lunch is provided.

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