Come join artist development and publishing legend Judy Stakee for a life-changing retreat this year. Over the course of 5 days, you'll work and collaborate with a group of exceptional songwriters and industry experts, surrounded by nature and creative minds.

Harness your potential & take your songwriting skills to a new level on a 5 day long journey where you learn Judy Stakee’s renowned, step-by-step methodology that addresses the mind, body, and soul, as you strengthen your lyrics, melody, and voice.

The program includes specialist workshops, co-writing, on the spot critiques, morning yoga, vocal coaching and a guest seminar with an industry professional that give you the necessary tools for developing your perspective and craft.

Each evening, cowriters are given the opportunity practice performance skills by sharing their newly written songs in a safe and loving space. Afterwards, break out dance parties, jam sessions, and stories by the fire, connect you with fellow songwriters, building a community of collaborators and lifelong friendships.


Before retreats, songwriters receive a signed copy of Judy’s book, “The Songwriter’s Survival Guide”, and detailed information to prepare songwriters for the adventures ahead. Retreaters leave with a solid foundation to build a career, 3 live performance demos of their newly written songs, support from the Judy Stakee team, and a community of 300+ fellow writers and artists across the world to work with. (Want to visit Nashville or Los Angeles after the retreat? Make a post in our very active alumni Facebook group to find new cowriters!)

Expect the unexpected: surprise guests, impromptu performances, and life-changing experiences.

About Judy

Judy Stakee is leading the new age of music. An author, speaker, and advisor, Judy encourages artists and songwriters to define their perspective and share a powerful creative message. 

Judy has an eye for talent. She is responsible for developing and signing many of today's most acclaimed artists, including Grammy-award winner Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry, Gavin DeGraw and Joy Williams.

With over 30 years of experience as an executive in the music industry and 20 years as Sr. Vice President of Creative at Warner Chappell, Judy advises creative minds around the world. She has developed an innovative methodology that is being adapted into the music curriculums of renowned music institutions in the US and beyond.

What You’ll Learn

Creative Enhancement

  • What is the secret to writing hit songs?

  • How do I create the career in music that I want?

  • How can I focus my time, space, and tools effectively to transform my creative process?

Personal Growth

  • What are the keys to personal motivation and results?

  • How do I develop great co-writing relationships?

  • How can I change my thought process to be more intentional?

Business Direction

  • How do I establish my identity as a songwriter?

  • How do I turn my songs into winning products?

  • How do I enter the "inner circle"? (Clue: there isn't one!)