Professional Song Critiques for Retreat Alumni


Professional Song Critiques for Retreat Alumni

from 40.00

Song critiques are one of the most important and valuable processes that help to improve your writing. They allow you to see the areas in which you excel and the areas where you can improve. My critiques will challenge you to rewrite which is an essential part in developing the creative process, and crucial to every writer.

One Song Critique - $40*

Three Song Critiques - $90 ($30/critique)*

Five Song Critique - $125 ($25/critique)*

Critiques do not need to be all at once & never expire. You’re welcome to do one critique today and wait a week, month, or even a year until you use your next critique.

Once your payment has processed, you will receive an email receipt with more information regarding how to schedule your critique.

Submit any questions here.

*For Alumni Only

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