First Post Retreat Consult

Judy at retreats 2.jpg
Judy at retreats 2.jpg

First Post Retreat Consult


As you all know, your first consult after your retreat is half off.

This is only for your first consult after your retreat!

Why Retreat Alumni Might Want A Consultation?

  • You’re feeling stuck and don’t know what your next step is

  • You’re looking for a personalized approach to developing your writing process

  • You’re about to release an EP and want to make sure the songs and the way you approach the release is up to par

  • You’re looking for advice on how to balance songwriting and you’re everyday life (we’ve all got to do it to start!)

These are just some of the reasons, but whatever you’re feeling uneasy about and are looking for guidance on, Judy uses her experience to help you.

In a one hour consultation, Judy sits down with songwriters and acts as a mirror. Just as a mirror reflects another perspective, allowing you to see how well that t-shirt fits and allows you to decide if it’s what you’re going for or not, Judy does the same with songwriters. She listens to songwriter’s music, their story, their brand, and/or their strategy, and reflects back, with over 40 years of experience and knowledge, what she sees.

During your session you will discuss your business, creative, and personal goals and determine the necessary steps to take to achieve them. You will be given tried-and-true writing tools and exercises to help you develop.

Once you have paid, email to schedule your consultation.

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