Song critiques are one of the most important and valuable processes that help to improve your writing. They allow you to see the areas in which you excel and the areas where you can improve.

When you submit a song, I will make an honest and detailed report on your melody, lyrics, structure, song idea, and potential. My critiques will challenge you to rewrite which is an essential part in developing the creative process, and crucial to every writer.

Judy’s insights have consistently proven to be on-the-money, both figuratively and literally. She challenges us to summon our own unique and honest voice.
— Dillon O'Brian
Judy knows songs. I have personally gained a deeper understanding of what music and songwriting is through her and I highly recommend her!
— David Choi
One Song – $30.00

Two Songs – $55.00

Three Songs – $75.00

 If you are taking part in a retreat, you are entitled to a free song critique. 

1. Apply to take part in the retreat. 

2. When you are accepted: Email MP3s or links for review to
Please include lyrics and a phone number so I can reach you.

3. Once I've reviewed your material, I'll be in touch by email to schedule
a 10-minute review by Phone/Skype.