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Retreat FAQ's

- Do I need to play an instrument? 

Nope! We welcome musicians, producers and topliners. If you're a topliner we'll make sure you're paired with guitar/piano players in co-writes. 

- Will I have to perform at the retreat?

While performing is not compulsory, we do encourage it. There will be plenty of opportunities to perform your songs for feedback.

- There's an application process, how can I increase my chances of being accepted? 

Be sincere. Take the time to think about exactly what you'd like from your career and what you'd like to achieve from this experience. First impressions count, let your songs do the talking.

- Should I bring an instrument? 

If you're a guitarist we encourage you to bring your own guitar. We have a piano/keyboards, percussion and a full PA system on site. 

- Are there any shops nearby? 

Yes. There will be dedicated supply runs too, so if you don't want to leave the retreat (we don't blame you) we can pick up anything you need.

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