gregg wells interview


I wish I could play an instrument by ear.

I was 15 years old and so proud of the fact that I had taken 8 years of piano lessons and could sit down and play most any sheet music put in front of me. I couldn't necessarily play everything well, but I could read music, practice and get better. But then one day my buddy Rusty came over, sat down and played the piano like a pro. I gaped and asked “How long have you been taking lessons?”  He answered so nonchalantly,  “Never, I play by ear. “ And my jaw dropped even further to the ground.

Just not fair. I immediately signed up for 4 more years of lessons. 

I was reminded of that story upon visiting Greg Wells at his studio. Each room contained a different variety of instruments that he can play! In one room, he had close to a dozen different kinds of pianos, another room for guitars, and another for percussion. 

Greg possesses both the flexibility and strength to know so many different ways to make sound. It isn't that different from knowing many different languages. And what a great gift  to have when creating.

I advise my clients that if it’s not too late (and it usually never is) to learn an instrument. You add value to your songwriting, artist and producing career.