Vision Board 2019

Well, well, well... the holidays are over and a new year is upon us.

To harness the magic of this new year, I’ll be using an old trick: a vision board. During this time of resolutions, making lists, and manifesting a path forward, vision boards help to visually remind me of my life’s goals. This will be my 10th year in a row making one!

I began the ritual in 2009, the year I left Corporate America to begin my own path. Using scrapbook paper, clippings from magazines, my trusty glue stick, and flat cardboard poster paper, I created a visual collage of my dreams. Each subsequent year I’ve used this tool as an expression of what I want for my life personally, creatively, and in business. I can’t predict the future, but my vision board helps me manifest the one I want.

When I start this project anew each year, I never really know exactly what the board will look like. I flip through stacks of magazines and rip out anything that catches my eye: a word, a phrase, an image, etc. Letting my intuition lead, I always seem to compile a collection of images that speak to me.

Ten years ago I had stacks and stacks of magazines, old and new, to choose from. But, as any other 21st century person will tell you, we’re all purchasing fewer magazines. This year I only had five! However, these five magazines coughed up a decent amount of images and phrases. They weren’t enough to complete the board, so I supplemented them with intentional searches on Google Images. For instance this year I searched for the goddess of education, Saraswati, in order to represent my intention of creating a songwriting class for 4th and 5th graders.

After compiling my images, I glued them all onto the board to see how they might fit. That’s when the magic happens. The first time I did this, I had the feeling that the universe was nodding at me because the images seemed to know how to fit together. I still feel that way each year when I complete this ritual. It still surprises me how well this process gives me a visual representation of my heart’s desires.

Here’s my finished product.

For 2019, I invite you to make a Vision Board to steer your journey in the direction of your dreams.

Happy New Year!