Another Dream Of Mine

Another dream of mine is to add a curriculum in our schools that would support the Language Arts Programs starting with upper elementary age students,  that teaches them how to tell their stories by learning how to write songs.

Having coached songwriters and artists to find their voice through their songs for over 30 years, I have developed a methodology that teaches storytelling through songwriting.

I would love to start teaching young children this curriculum so they can communicate effectively for the rest of their lives, but no matter what age you are, my methodology and curriculum can help you tell better stories and communicate more effectively in your life.

Learning how to write songs is a simple method combined to enhance your communication skills. At the same time, it is fun and makes the learning easy.

My methodology is based on two very simple but powerful questions. The first question is: What is a song? And the second is: How do you develop yourself so that you can write more effective songs?

What is a song? A song is your perspective on a moment in time. It is a story told by integrating your voice, melody and lyrics.

A song is approximately 200 words and 4 minutes. That’s how long you get to tell one story. This fact amplifies the importance of every word you use in your songs and highlights the significance of words in your writing. 

How do you develop yourself into a great songwriter? The answer is you will have to develop facets of your body, mind, and soul in order to achieve results in your voice, lyrics, and melody to effectively create songs. In other words, you will need to be inspired, nurtured, and educated in all of these areas in order for you to succeed as a storyteller.

Can you imagine how your life might have been affected if you would have known how to tell your story better? I believe that If you know how to present yourself with the gift of storytelling: to a potential employer or partner, to whomever you are dating or whomever you are leading, life becomes much more rewarding.

Let’s teach children how to find and stand in their perspective and then how to use their voices and words to tell their stories.