This moment right now makes up for everything.

Recently, in a room of 20 songwriters, I asked the question, “What bad habit do you want to break?,” and the most common answer was, “Finishing what I start.” 

It’s hard work to transform yourself, to learn a new skill outside your comfort zone and actually finish something. 

So when I sat down last year and declared I was writing a book, I had not really thought too far ahead of what that actually meant. The bug was planted by my marketing consultant who thought writing a book would be beneficial for my company and for up-and-coming songwriters, so I thought, “Sure, why not?”.  I had little idea of the process and journey I was about to begin.

I would sit in my office, after my day was supposedly done, and play either Brandi Carlyle, Cristina Perri, or Joy Wiilams through my speakers while I poured out all that I knew I needed to say. I was trying very hard not to edit or judge myself. I was practicing stepping out of my own way, and letting whatever come through.

Step out of my own way? What a concept!

I could not have perceived how the ‘throwing up your words’ process while writing would affect me. Seeing my words staring back at me was eye-opening! I was re-creating my life right in front of me, shaping it just-so it all fit together seamlessly so that you could benefit from my experiences. It worked, beautifully forI am most proud of the sense of accomplishment I feel.

This book is my voice, my stories, and my methodology. It’s me.

Through all the hard work, I now have a product that will live forever and hopefully touch a lot of you out there.

This moment is worth it all.