How do you sustain a career? How you keep yourself relevant year after year?

When I interviewed Walter Afanasieff recently, I was fascinated to find out that he still takes piano lessons. I have known Walter for over 20 years and he is an amazing pianist who can really sit down and play anything. And yet he still feels it necessary to take lessons. He feels it’s important to keep himself challenged. 

I have found throughout my life, that something that many of the most successful people have in common is that they are great ’students of Life.’ They know how important it is in order to continue evolving and developing. Often, the most paralyzing things to one's life are a resistance to change, refusal to go the extra mile, or hosting an ego that won’t allow room for improvement.

Knowing you don’t know everything can really free up the space in your mind to imagine new things into your life. When integrated with what you already know, it can lead to so many possibilities. 

Being a committed and constant student assures a future. Not learning anything new leaves you standing where you are.