Written October 2015.

In 2013 For King and Country won Best New Artist at the Dove Awards. This past week on October 13, 2015  they won again for Best Contemporary Christian Band.   Congratulations!!!  

It reminded me that on Labor day this year I went to the LA Country Fair to see For King and Country to perform. They were only the second Christian band to ever play the fair, and the crowd did not let them down! 

My relationship with For King and Country began in 2006, when Shaun Shankel, a great producer/writer, who I had a Joint Venture deal with at Warner Chappell introduced me to Joel and Luke Smallbone. Back then, the band was just a glimmer in Joel’s eye with Luke following close behind. We signed them to the Joint Venture and spent the next 5 years developing their songwriting, sound, brand and themselves.  From integrating their voice, stories and ideas, they became one strong voice.

It took a while to get the first record out but the boys were patient. They knew to they had to just let go and let the process happen. They had their faith to keep them going.

They are now on their second record with 2 Grammy wins, 2 Dove Awards, a new tour, and a universe of new possibilities.

So last month when they took the stage and held it in command the whole time at the fair, I was not surprised. Joel climbing the rafters of the stage, Luke beating triumphantly on huge percussion pieces, and their entire band taking turns center stage playing multiple instruments- their performance filled the space with raw energy.

They had an audience comprised of mostly loyal fans but who had never seen them live before; singing- no chanting- their songs. They had always been great performers but there is nothing like the consistency of the road to whip you into shape!

The music filled my soul and I left there feeling nurtured...and I resisted the temptation to eat a fried oreo at the fair.

All in all it was a good night.