2014 was one of the hardest I have had in years.

All the growing pains of creating not only my own business in the last 5 years, but also creating different relationships and a new me, turned into the perfect storm. On top of that, my family was dealing with multiple injuries that took a good part of my attention.

The gift out of it is that I wrote a book.

I spent time a significant amount of time close to home. So with a seed of an idea, I created a book that would allow me to use my voice to help songwriters find theirs. 

The first stage was just getting the words out of my head and onto the page. Not surprisingly, I talked to myself a lot during that time. After I said all I could say, I teamed up with an editor who understood exactly who I was and provided me a great mirror.  I was so excited I had a real live person to bounce ideas off of. Finally, after a few (or more) edits of the book, I began to understand the connection between all of the chapters. What started out as lots of individual ideas, magically morphed into a book!

And wouldn’t you know it, I wrote my "album." I gained a whole new appreciation for what my writers and artists have gone through over the years, in the process of creating and releasing their music. 

And now that it is over, I have to say that it's bittersweet. 

There is a huge part of me that is jumping up and down that I don’t have to be constantly writing anymore. However, I am sad to say goodbye to the process. I will always have this book to remember that time by, but I will miss it’s company.

The Songwriters Survival Guide will be released Spring 2015.

If you are at the ASCAP EXPO next week, I am pre-launching 100 copies just for the event. You can come see me in person Saturday May 2 at 1:10.