A few months ago, Jennifer Paige came by to interview me for her new podcast series, Breakthrough Artist. As we visited, we reminisced about our history together.

Jennifer is a great example of how the Development process works.

I met Jennifer when she was a background singer for Crystal Bernard in 1996 and had just moved to LA . I introduced her to my writer/producer, Andy Goldmark and we took her under our wings and gave her all the tools she needed to start her career.

She,  Andy and various other co-writers (including Mark Mueller, Wayne Kirkpatrick and Jamie Houston) wrote the album. Andy produced it and I gave her all the guidance she needed to grow herself as a performer, writer, singer and woman.


Strategically, we had her cover “Chain of Fools” so to introduce her to the world. But it was her single “Crush” that made her a household name. She sold 11 million singles worldwide and 5 million albums. When it was covered on the Glee Soundtrack, I laughed at the mileage one song can get.

One of the reasons this project worked was that Jennifer, Andy and myself were on the same page. We each had a job to do, independent of one another and integrative at the same time.

We knew what and where the goal was at all times. We were a great team and the proof is in the pudding.