You have chosen "Songwriter" as your profession. Therefore, your job is to write songs. That's it...right? Wrong. Did you know that you are running a business? 

Considering the steps and tools needed to run that business successfully, you could have easily started a shoe company, but instead you are making songs.

Having a lack of awareness as to how your business should be run is ridiculous.

You are now in charge of how and what you write, where you perform, what merchandise to manufacture and sell, how your contracts are drawn up, how you collect your money and pay your bills, what you wear, how you present yourself in an interview, who belongs on your team....need I go on?

No one else can make theses critical choices for you, but you. If you give that power to someone else, then you just lost control of your company. 

Dillon O'Brian is one of the most versatile entrepreneurs I know. He does not let one modality define his art but uses them all to his advantage.

Be conscious of what you are creating. Remember, the number one ingredient in magic is intention

Build and lead your company with intention, and magic will happen!