I shared my thoughts on Miley Cyrus for this month's special edition of People Magazine. Here are the rest of them!

Growing up at Disney, a culture unto themselves, Miley had very solid boundaries around her every day that required 100 percent of her dedication to their vision. 

It was the equivalent of high school and college for her.  Executives (teachers) tell you what to do, where to go and how to act. It  was an amazing education, but when we are in the throws of developing into who we are as people, we all need a bigger playing field to test our limits. 

Because her walls were stronger and stricter than most, when she left Disney, Miley pushed beyond them, and then some. Mostly in rebellion to the confinement. 

But this is what kids her age do. We all do at that age. We all pushed limits and we all made mistakes. But the majority of us didn't have to do it in the public eye, and with Social Media no less! 

Millions of fans were just waiting to see what she was going to do after Disney. Her next step was to take everything she had learned, go out into the world and build her own career and life - not Disney's. 

So she gave everybody a show. She captured everybody’s attention. 

And now that everybody is watching her, well, let's see what she does with her amazing voice, impeccable work ethic and the platform she has built for her talent.

What Miley has, is an amazing opportunity to set her own boundaries with intention, which will inspire others to do the same. 

Those are my thoughts on Miley. What about you? Feel free to comment below.