“To illuminate the consciousness of humanity by inspiring, nurturing and protecting the creative process.”

That is my I get up everyday and do what I do.

Humanity lives in female energy and where we will find the compassion we need. 

We exist in a Male Energetically dominated world where we are expected to be perfect. Hell, even our laundry detergent is held to a higher standard of being new and improved constantly.

Creativity flourishes when there is enough room to make mistakes, where the imagination has no limit.

Martha Stewart bakes cakes. Every single time, she will need 2 hours in the kitchen plus an oven, spoon, bowl, mixer, flour, butter, sugar, a timer, a sink, a pot holder and so many other countless things, in order to make her product. When I write, I know I need a 4 hour time block to be productive and my space is my office with a keyboard,  guitar, books and so  much more inspiration at my fingertips.

It is no different being a songwriter or artist.

You need time, space and tools in order to create your art.

I  inspire, nurture and protect that creative process. 

That’s a place to start. Do you have one?