Intention - an aim or purpose

I believe the number one ingredient in magic is Intention. If I intend to do something, I usually do it! Voila, Magic!

Five years ago, I started a tradition. At the beginning of every new year, I write down my intentions for the year. I put my pages in an envelope, seal them in a box, and wait to read them at the beginning of the next year.

The act of writing them down, focusing on the words I've chosen to express my desires, brings energy to the thoughts. 

By the end of the year, I often forget some of what I wrote down 12 months earlier. So when I opened my list this year I was shocked to see that my #1 intention was, “ heal my back”. 

I had injured it 4 years before when I fell on my morning hike and then, like a fool, didn’t get it looked at or treated.   The pain progressively got worse and in the last year was unbearable. I finally had an MRI in June 2013, that showed 4 additional discs (besides L5/S1 herniated 15 years before) had been compromised. That set me on a healing journey that included a decompression machine, physical therapy, swimming, herbs, meditation, visualization, acupuncture and massage. It was such a wake up call with a splash in the face of the knowingness that I had the ability to heal my body.

Now, I am back together again. When I get my MRI, I will report the results but expect to find a healthy spine.  I found that my body responded favorably with the proper tools, hard work and encouragement.

Just like the power of intention can be applied to the goal of healing a physical ailment, it can also be applied to career goals, relationship goals, material goals - everything and anything you can desire.

I set an intention to heal my spine so that I could live the rest of my life in song. Movement is the song of the body. When my body works and is in peace, I can think and feel easier. It's easier to breathe and be me.